Gilker McRae Ltd. is widely known for helping companies and individuals explore options and find solutions to varying workplace challenges. 

We have long standing relationships with our customers based on our compassionate and consistent ability to assist them in coaching or transitioning their employees, and working with their company to understand difficult situations through a workplace climate review.

Owner and President Ross Gilker has been engaged in the career management field in Calgary for over 20 years. Ross was joined by Cam McRae in 2015, uniting the firms of Mastel Gilker Ltd. and McRae Inc. to form Gilker McRae Ltd. They've been co-workers in the past and friends for years. Together, for years they have been helping individuals find meaningful work and career fulfillment, and assisting human resources professionals deal with complex and sensitive situations.

When it comes to business, we believe in putting people first.  At Gilker McRae the most important thing we can do is to help our clients achieve success.


Our principles

Our fundamental principles are to:

Put people and their needs first

Do the right thing for the right reason

These principles allow us to keep earning our clients' and customers' trust.  We are honoured that many of our clients and customers have maintained long-standing relationships with our firm, a true testament to our credibility.