You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream...
— C. S. Lewis

Career Management

Our career management services include consultations with a career coach to help you explore development opportunities.  We also offer consultations with an organizational psychologists and access to a wide variety of assessment tools to help you make key choices about your people or your career.

Career Assessments

Selection Support

Service mainly offered to institutions and associations, which involves assisting with the creation and implementation of a full-service recruitment and selection methodology to staff general management or senior executive positions.

We can also assign specialized professional resources for short or longer periods of time, who can assist the human resources team with various activities related to selection.

Assessment of Management Potential

Service to assist organizational decision-making with regard to personnel selection and hiring for management positions at various levels, including senior executives. These assessments provide invaluable information about the degree of fit between the candidate and the position, resulting in reduced hiring risk.

For the most senior positions, we work closely with the Board of Directors or selection committee to determine the ideal candidate profile. We then offer guidance around the search process and are involved in assessing finalist candidates.

Development Plans

Specialized service that creates a tailored plan for an individual, highlighting their core strengths and areas for development, as well as key actions required to maximize their fit with current or future opportunities.


Developing strong leaders and key contributors to your organization is vital for meeting company targets, employee development, as well as succession planning and recruitment.

Coaching can:

1.       Help employees better understand the link between the organization’s vision and goals and their individual career.

2.       Develop existing and emerging leaders to take on larger roles and responsibilities and advance within the company.

3.       Renew the employee’s passion for their work, enhance skills, and generate more focused and meaningful contributions.

We have a network of professionally trained coaches, all of whom are focused on career and leadership development. This focus is coupled with diverse backgrounds in the areas of human resources, psychology, communications and marketing. Each coach brings a different perspective and opportunity for employee enrichment derived from their unique work experience and coaching style.

In a series of confidential meetings, a coach will sit down with the employee to have an honest, productive session about their current work and career plans going forward. Each session involves challenging questions, thought-provoking scenarios, and setting specific goals for change and enrichment.