Professional Consulting Services

To assist organizations in improving corporate culture and organizational effectiveness, we offer a number of consulting services including:

  • Transition training sessions for your human resources and management staff providing guidance on transition planning to ensure a smooth and respectful process.
  • Customized climate reviews to help uncover sources of tension within the organization, to fix critical issues and enhance overall performance.
  • Assistance with exit interviews providing an opportunity for your organization to learn invaluable insights about your organization and its culture.

Climate Reviews

Companies that have higher-than-average turnover levels, frequent personality conflicts, or repeated situations of missed sales or performance targets will benefit from our Climate Review.

Climate reviews are a comprehensive process where selected employees are interviewed to address areas of concern identified by the employer (i.e., overall performance, specific inter-personal conflicts, etc.). They may deal with a small department, or a large division of a company. Based on the compiled interviews, a final report is provided to the employer to bring clarity to the source of the issues, provide solutions, and build an outline of expected results.

Exit Interviews

When an employee leaves your organization, they take with them valuable organizational knowledge on processes, people, and products. They also carry with them an impression of the company as a place to work which can influence your employment brand. How does your company capture this knowledge and benchmark its performance as an employer?