How an Exit Interview can benefit your organization

Whether an exit interview highlights the good or bad, the employee’s impressions contain valuable information for your company. An exit interview can:

  • Identify high and low performing peers,

  • Highlight areas of employee support and development that require improvement,

  • Help to determine whether your company is competitive in the market for skilled and innovative employees, and

  • Help your company gain insights to improve your recruitment, retention and overall department reviews.

The exit interview process conducted by Gilker McRae is an effective way to obtain this important information from departing employees. Professionally conducted by our human resource consultants, the voluntary exit interview process provides:

Complete Confidence: Key to an open sharing of impressions, departing employees are guaranteed that information provided will be presented as constructive feedback, assisting the company in understanding why the employee has left, and help in future planning and recruitment. The employee has the opportunity to review their responses, and is welcome to change information if they like.

Professional Service: The interview is conducted by a professional human resource consultant, who is trained to extract valuable information from the employee by asking direct, open-ended questions.

Exit interviews are an excellent tool for understanding why an employee has departed, what their experience was like at the company, and helps with future human resource and department planning.