Hailey Adlard

Manager, Career Transition Services

Hailey leads our overall career transition practice. She is responsible for managing the career consultants, our workshops, and ensuring the client experience meets with our mandate to help individuals find meaningful work and career fulfillment.

Hailey is very involved in managing our customer relationships, participating in our marketing activities, and interviewing participants in our workplace climate reviews.

While managing our practice, Hailey continues to provide career coaching to her clients and deliver workshops with her usual energy and enthusiasm. Hailey has distinguished herself as an exceptional career transition consultant.

Hailey is our resident “LinkedIn™” guru and knows “all things social media”. It’s from this expertise that Hailey assists our clients in planning their social media job search strategy.

Hailey holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from the University of Manitoba and will become a certified Executive Coach in 2019.

She is also a dog-lover, and volunteers at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) where she cares for the dogs and sometimes fosters them in her home. Both she and her AARCS “clients” love working together.