With our community-based delivery and office-based delivery we offer the most flexible service program tailored to your needs.  Whether we come to you, or you come to us, either way the choice is yours and the service remains the same - professional, supportive career coaching to ensure your next opportunity happens.

Ask our clients and they’ll tell you… we care, we listen, we understand and we help you make opportunity happen:

  • We care about helping people achieve success, whatever that is to them – a new job, a new career, semi-retirement, entrepreneurship – the options are many.
  •  We listen and recognize that each person’s circumstance is unique and we respect that their needs are unique. 
  • We understand the uncertainty our clients may be facing and we have helped countless others through the process of career transition and finding new opportunities.

Ask the companies who bring our team on-board to assist their organizations and they’ll tell you…

  • Gilker McRae is the best when it comes to supporting their organizations administer a smooth transition process,
  • Our consultants are respectful, supportive and caring, and they are skilled in establishing rapport during stressful circumstances, and
  • As a VF Career Management partner, our services can also be offered to organizations and employees across Canada.

We take great pride in the work we do with individuals and corporations to shape their careers and their workforce.