Gilker McRae can help your company develop managers – to think strategically, make critical and thoughtful decisions, motivate employees and many other fundamental skills to generate real business results through the people you lead.


Competitive companies are “learning companies” that develop their managers to:

  • Attract, motivate and retain excellent employees
  • Hold your leadership teams to higher standards of performance and accountability
  • Create behaviours that lead to long-term growth

Through our partner, Crestcom – an international leader in management and sales training - managers are challenged to be open-minded and consider their behaviors and processes with peers from other companies and industries.   Crestcom holds 12 monthly seminars, each lasting four hours featuring noted speakers/authors, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking classroom discussion. Managers walk away with tools, techniques, and how-to systems that they can apply to their daily lives that will make them more successful and efficient.

Crestcom training helps to produce real business results with every client that include:

  1. Developing managers into leaders – elevated skill knowledge and improved competitive strategic decision making with teammates, customers, suppliers and shareholders
  2. Measured development learning featuring twelve consecutive facilitated training sessions – accredited for post graduate professional and corporate designations
  3. Every session produces measurable action plans with peer accountability and practical applications
  4. Private team coaching sessions to implement lasting individual and team improvements
  5. CEOs discover new capacities among their existing leadership team

Let Gilker McRae help you focus on growing and developing your people to succeed in today’s complex business environment.