Gilker McRae understands that what we do is highly personal. A strong and fruitful relationship with the consultant is paramount for clients to fully engage and achieve the results they are working toward. 

Having the choice of where to meet is a key component in achieving this important relationship, and that is why Gilker McRae offers all clients the option of meeting with their consultant or coach at a place of their choosing.  Whether it’s the comfort and informality of a café, or in a more structured environment, such as our Sunalta office, the client chooses what is best for them.  

All meetings are face-to-face, unless the client elects to meet through Skype or other video/phone chat options. This personal approach has always been, and will continue to be, our signature style.

The choices

The community

Meet at a public place of the client’s choosing – café, community centre, even a city park.

Ideal for clients who live far from the city centre, or who are just more productive in an informal setting.

We buy the coffee –and insist on it!


The Sunalta office

Conveniently located right next to the Sunalta C-Train.

Free 2-hour street parking.

Meet with consultants, attend workshops or use our computers, wifi, printing and administrative support.

Online Services

Due to significant distance, or simply bad weather, consultants can meet with clients or attend our workshops using online chat services, such as Skype or phone.

Through our online tool iCareerManager, clients can take advantage of assessments, mock interviews and other career management assistance.