Companies that have higher-than-average turnover levels, personality conflicts, or repeated situations of missed sales or performance targets will benefit from our Climate Review process.

Workplace climate reviews allow companies to identify sources of tension within the organization, diagnose process flow issues, and understand why internal teams or groups are under-performing. Most importantly, the reviews represent an opportunity to fix critical issues and enhance overall performance.

Climate reviews are a comprehensive process where selected employees are interviewed to address areas of concern identified by the employer (i.e., overall performance, specific interpersonal conflicts, etc.). They may deal with a small department, or a large division of a company. Based on the compiled interviews, a final report is provided to the employer to bring clarity to the source of the issues, provide solutions, and build an outline of expected results.

Our climate review process consists of three key stages:

  • Consultation with the employer about areas of concern, including background information on departments, employee organization charts, and any current or potential issues. An agreed set of review questions, designed to fit your company’s current needs, is developed during this stage.
  • A series of one-on-one interviews with employees and managers, conducted by our consultants and coaches. These are highly personalized conversations, where employees are provided with a safe environment to answer important but sometimes difficult questions. The consultant fully reviews the answers with the employee to ensure the information is accurate and correct.
  • The process concludes with a final report summarizing the information collected, identifying specific areas of concern, suggested areas of improvement, and tools and techniques for how to address the issues at hand.

The Gilker McRae team will treat this important and highly sensitive process with the strictest level of confidence and professionalism.